Ariana Steen

CEO & Creative Director

Ariana Steen is singer-songwriter located in Seattle, WA. Her passion for the arts has allowed her to be multifaceted within her field of work. Recently, she has taken on the role of creative directing. Her goal is to empower and inspire Black people from all walks of life. Ariana's goal for this production company is to provide proper representation of Black people within the industry. 

Havika Jones

Admin Director

Havika Jones-Fleming is an educator and upcoming creative from Federal Way, WA. She has dedicated most of her working years in childhood education, but has an extreme passion for arts, social justice, and Black liberation. Havika hopes to inspire and uplift Black and Brown youth and communities by creating spaces for healing, creativity, and learning. 

IG: @Havikaf_Jones

Leoma James

Creative Content Writer

Leoma James is a writer, Humanitarian & advocate for race & social justice. She is a cultural worker from Seattle's Central District with a desire to cultivate community for creative agencies. Leoma is passionate about radical black peace activism, historically led by black women, that promotes liberation globally through civil rights initiatives & social welfare policies. 

IG: @LeomaJames